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Club Orpheus

Name of the night:
Club Name & Address: Club Orpheus - 1003 E Pratt St, Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Observations: Club Orpheus is one of Baltimore's oldest and most legendary clubs for underground music and the place to be for this city's best alternative, gothic and dance events.
DJs:Sean Trash'd, Hemlock
Cover: $10 Cover
Door Policy: 18+

  • Natty Boh - $2
  • Shooters - $2
  • Budweiser and Miller Lite $3
  • Woodchuck Hard Cider $4

Directions: PARKING, BUS or Other:


Most of East Pratt Street (0-3 blocks, before S. Central Avenue. There are still bus stops and other No Parking areas to observe.) Most of Cranby Street (1-3 blocks away, parallel to East Pratt) Most of East Lombard (2-4 blocks away, before S. Central Avenue) Most side streets in Little Italy (we're part of Little Italy) FREE Bus (Circulator) every 15 mins passes right by the club


Parking garage in Little Italy @ 400 S Central Ave (Just $3) (3 blocks away - South) This garage closes early on Saturdays. Parking garage @ Pratt and President Street (3 Blocks away - West) This garage closes at midnight on Saturday. - OR - Just park at Inner Harbor parking (Also on Pratt. 4-5 blocks away)
Phone:(410) 276-5599