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SH Rock, Goth, Vintage, Punk- România
Comunitatea Goth/Darkwave/EBM/CyberGoth Romania
Essence of Goth(Romania)
Metalişti/Emo/Rockeri/Otaku/Goth/Punk/Scene R.O.M.Â.N.I.A.


Gothic Cafe Umbra de Noapte

Cafe UMBRA DE NOAPTE was the only Gothic cafe in Romania, situated in the historical center of Cluj-Napoca, capital of Transylvania.
We wanted to provide the Goth community with a permanent and comfortable place to meet with friend or relax.
As this did not work out, we will, in due time, organize parties and events for those appreciating gothic sounds and Lifestyle.
Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania


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