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Goth Club Listings is a communal effort of the gothic community to act as a repository for gothic club listings, and other information people in the community might want to know about. Anyone can get an account and help to complete/update this resource. For those who would like to help edit the public Wiki, you can get an account here:

If the owner isn't responding to a new account request, try sending him a message through Facebook. His Facebook account is linked here:

Mission Statement

This site is dedicated to keeping events and nights of Goth, Darkwave, Industrial, and EBM music current. It's fun to visit other venues, and sometimes can be very painful to track them down. This site is dedicated to the community, for the community- and ideally by the community. If you want to post stuff please register and do so! The site owners will in no way attempt to profit from this, it's just for fun.

When posting new listings select the appropriate page location (country/state) and use the following as a template for the listing:

Name of the night:
Club Name & Address:
Door Policy: